How Studio7Fashion Began

  • In my second year of college in 2017, I found myself in a situation familiar to young women everywhere. I needed an additional stream of income to continue college and if I could not find that, I would have to find another job, and possibly leave school.
  • After taking a business course where we had to create a fictitious product and company, I was inspired to attempt my own venture. One of my strongest assets is that I enjoy creating art, so, I brainstormed ideas on how I could combine my creativity, my faith and my love of jewelry into a way to earn extra income.
  • With advice from some people I knew in business, I was able to source components to create a few unique pieces of affordable fashion jewelry.
  • I soon learned that my creations alone were not sufficient to provide a stable income, I saw many women struggle with the same issue; they create beautiful things and then attempt to sell on etsy, eBay, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook only to discover that it's not enough.
  • I expanded the original line a little and included jewelry from other sources to sell a variety of both handcrafted and manufactured jewelry. The result was quite amazing. I started out with 43 different items (SKUs) and in the first month nearly sold out of everything. Over the next two years I continued to add in my own creations along with trendy manufactured fashion jewelry.
  • When I graduated from college in 2019, I looked for ways on how I could take what I did and help other women (and men) achieve the same. I began by offering the jewelry at a wholesale price. In late 2019, we evolved our business model, so that others could become a consultant of Studio7Fashion and be part of our amazing journey and receive a commission for building their business.
  • Now and Beyond!

  • Today, Studio7Fashion offers over 1000 SKUs of beautiful fashion jewelry and accessories and we provide to our consultants, a fully functional retail website where consultants receive a 50% commission.
  • We also offer monthly incentives and special discounts. At Studio7Fashion, our goal is to help you succeed, because we know the struggle. So, we do not restrict you as an Independent consultant, you are free to sell our merchandise along with any other company! If you want to sell jewelry from our competitors, we're okay with that because we want YOU to succeed! Also we don't force you to sell at a specific price, you set your own price. Some of our consultants sell our jewelry at $7, $8 and even $10. YOU determine how much you make, not us!
  • We also offer drop-shipping direct to your customers with no branding. Plus, you are free to re-brand the items with your own hangtags and your own company name. Why all this freedom while other companies are so restrictive? Because our primary goal is to help YOU make money! Browse our catalog, peek into our Facebook group and consider joining the #1 most progressive jewelry company in America, that is here to serve you.

  • God has been good and I am thankful to be able to help women as well as men start their own business and help any way that I can. This has been such a journey so far and I look forward to what's coming next!
  • I am beyond grateful that you have taken the time to check Studio7Fashion out.

    • God bless,

    Start your new adventure today!

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