Can't Sell It? We'll Buy It Back!

    Have you ever bought an item hoping to sell it and it turns out your customers just don't appreciate it they way you do?

    Sometimes finding what your customers really want can be a challenge. In many cases, your customers tastes are very different from your own. Have you ever bought something that you thought was ugly and your customers snatched it up? or maybe you found something that you think is beautiful and you can't give it away! Customers can be fickle and we know it!

    So what can you do now that you are stuck with a bunch of Jewelry and accessories you can't sell?

    Join our VIP Partner Program!

    Did you know that the big box retailers can return merchandise to their suppliers if it doesn't sell? No wonder they are so profitable, they are not stuck with tons of merchandise that doesn't sell! Why don't other companies do this for their consultants? The answer is simple, they are in business to make money and whether you make any money or not is not their concern as long as they do.

    We Just Flipped The Script

    Studio7Fashion is breaking with the traditional direct sales model and offering what no other company will do for YOU. We don't want to just sell to you as a consultant, we want to partner with you in building your business. We realize that some jewelry sells well for some consultants while that same piece of jewelry doesn't sell for other consultants. Why? It could be price, it could be regional differences, it could be their tastes don't match your tastes or it could be that some customers are just hard to please.

    At Studio7Fashion we want to help YOU build a solid business and earn an income. We know you can't build if you are stuck with merchandise that is not selling. What would happen if you were able to sell 100% of everything you bought? Would your profits soar? would you be able to build a stronger business? YES!

    Here's How It Works

    You must be a VIP Partner to participate. Invitations are open for a limited time. To become a VIP Partner, register by clicking the subscription button below, you will be charged $7.00 per month to remain a VIP Partner.

    Place your order on our consultant site (Retail site not eligible). As a partner, you will have up to 60 days to sell the jewelry and accessories you have purchased. If within that time you have not been able to sell it, return it to us for credit towards your next order.

    Here are the rules:

  • You must return the items BEFORE 60 DAYS, that is, your return package to us must be postmarked before the sixtieth day since you ordered. You must also provide us with the tracking number for your return. You may include items from several orders as long as none of the items are older than 60 days. Items returned beyond the 60 day deadlines will NOT be credited, instead, we will return the items to you and close your account. NO exceptions.
  • Sale items, special discounts, closeouts, Silver, Gold and Platinum VIP piece and free merchandise is not eligible for the Partner program. Do not return these items as they will not be credited.
  • Items MUST be returned in saleable condition, in original packaging with tag attached. Must not be worn, altered, damaged, missing pieces or broken. If it is not resalable, we will not credit your account, we will return the item and close your account.
  • You must contact us BEFORE returning. Please contact us at
  • Items must be returned to: Studio7Fashion LLC 3540 W. Sahara Ave. #355, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102
  • Return postage is your responsibility. Please use the best method, we encourage USPS priority because it is fastest and insured, but you may use any method you choose.
  • Once items are received, we will examine them and issue a credit to your account for the original purchase price less a 10% restock fee. All items in the VIP Partner program are subject to the 10% restock fee.
  • If you received a commission on an item you have returned, the commission amount for that item will be deducted before the credit is issued.
  • Once you cancel your VIP subscription, you are no longer eligible to return any item.
  • Your credit is good for one year and may be used on any merchandise on the consultant site. We will combine credit codes for you.

    Simple and Easy to Join

    Remember: 60 day return, Sale items excluded, You pay postage,10% restock fee, no commission on returned merchandise, item must be in salable condition. It's that simple!

    Join Today! Remember, this VIP PARTNER program is for a limited time and may close at any time.

    Got questions?? Email, or Message on Facebook, we'll be glad to help!

    Studio7Fashion LLC reserves the right to change/adjust terms and policies.