Studio 7 Fashion Terms And Conditions

    Joining Studio7Fashion as a Consultant

  • Anyone may join as a Studio 7 Fashion consultant simply by clicking the register page There is no fee to join. You must be at least 18 years of age to join.
  • At no time is any person permitted to continuously create and delete their account in an attempt to use the new consultant discount. If any such person is found to be doing this, said person will not be permitted to re-join. The new consultant discount is for NEW consultants ONLY. At no time is any person permitted to continuously create and delete their account for any reason. If you are having any issues with your account please contact us first so that we may assist you.
  • We do not restrict consultants from selling other products, You are truly an INDEPENDENT business owner and may sell other products, however, we do not permit using the Studio 7 Fashion name on competitor products.
  • You may retail Studio 7 Fashion products at any price you desire. Because prices may differ across the USA, you are free to set your own prices according to your market.
  • You may not represent yourself as an employee, principal/owner or officer of the company.
  • Consultants are responsible for their own taxes, both sales and income tax. Consultants are responsible for compliance with their local, state and federal laws regarding their business.
  • Store credit is not redeemable as cash. If you have a store credit it is only good on a future purchase.
  • PLEASE NOTE: A consultant has the right to request to be removed from a team at any time given there is a valid reason. Approval from the upline is NOT required and this is a decision that is made by Studio7Fashion.
  • Returns, Cancellations and Claims

  • In the event that you need to submit a claim or have a question regarding an order please email The subject must include your order number and name. If you are submitting a claim for a broken piece please include a picture of the piece. Please note that this must be done within 24hrs of the delivery date. All emails will be answered within 24hrs. Please note that you must write to this email only regarding orders.
  • Any specially discounted merchandise (any item within a special discount category such as: Overstock, On sale, Special Discount, etc.) is NOT eligible for a refund, credit or return under ANY circumstance. Under no circumstance is a piece eligible for a return, credit or refund that is marked with the above mentioned words whether it is in the title or description.
  • We will only accept returns on approval. You MUST email us before returning any item to receive a Return Authorization Number (RA#). Please never return an item without speaking to Studio7Fashion staff first, as we will not be able to track it. In the event of a return, we will ONLY issue a store credit. We do not offer cash refunds. If you have a problem with an item, please let us know and we will do our best to provide an amicable solution. You are responsible for all shipping fees (including return shipping) and we do NOT refund any shipping fees. We also charge a 15% re-stock fee on ALL returns and 3% fee on cancellations. Once an order has been shipped it cannot be cancelled. We will deduct any missing items from your return as well as any broken pieces. In the event we do accept a refund request you MUST state a valid reason for requesting a refund and return your order for any type of refund. You must return your ENTIRE order to receive a refund (minus fee and shipping).Studio7Fashion does not accept "test" orders nor sell on approval.
  • Broken Jewelry

    As we are sure that our consultants/customers understand, during shipment it is always a possibility that a jump ring may come loose. This is NOT a defect. The jump rings can be reapplied with a pair of pliers. This does not warrant a refund or credit. You must report any defective/damaged/missing items within 24hrs of receipt.

    Missing Jewelry

    We use a double check process to ensure all items you ordered are packed in your shipment. In RARE occurrences, an item may be missing from your shipment. Because we use bubblewrap, sometimes the missing item is lodged inside the bubblewrap and a consultant has thrown away the item with the bubblewrap. Please double check all packing material to ensure this is not the case.

    Our policy is that the first time we will issue a store credit, because sometimes mistakes happen. However, we will not issue a store credit for a subsequent and future second claim of missing items. Why? because once you make a claim ALL your shipments are triple checked for accuracy. In the event you are positive we have made a second mistake, we require you to return your entire shipment and we will issue a refund (less shipping and return fee) and close your account.

    Composition and Origination

  • We make no guarantee as to value, merchantability, profit or sales on any item. Unless otherwise noted, all items are fashion (also known as costume) jewelry, they are not 'real' gold or 'real' silver or "real" stones although those words may be used to indicate color and not material. Please note in the description whether an item is genuine gold, silver, gemstone, leather, etc. Only genuine items are marked as genuine. A description using words such as ruby, austrian crystal, diamond, gold, silver, leather are only genuine if preceded with the word genuine (for example genuine diamond, genuine ruby, genuine leather etc).
  • All items are lead-free and nickle-free.
  • Our suppliers and manufacturers are located in various countries; including China, Singapore, Mexico, etc. Unless noted in the description items are of foreign origin and not made in the USA. Items made in the USA will be indicated in the description with 'Made in The USA'. Components, findings, parts, stones, etc may or may not be made in the USA.
  • Payment

  • We accept all major credit cards and Paypal, PayPal's Pay Later program, Afterpay and CashApp. Our processing is through paypal. You do not need a PayPal account to purchase from us. Your purchase is protected through Paypal's Purchase Protection. If you need to add an item(s) to your order after it has been placed please contact and reference your order number in the subject of your email.
  • Shipping

  • Consultant shipping for the US and US territories is $5.98. Shipping for Canadian orders is $15. Shipping to Australia is a flat $35. Shipping to the United Kingdom is a flat $28. We do not charge a handling fee. Please make sure that you have entered the correct address on your order. Studio7Fashion is not responsible for any packages that are delivered to an incorrect address.

  • We currently ship to all 50 states of the USA and Guam, Puerto Rico, APO and FPO addresses, and all Provinces of Canada and Australia. Please note we will not send merchandise as a "gift" to avoid tax or import fees assessed by your country. All taxes and import fees, if any, are the responsibility of the recipient. If an international shipment is refused or otherwise undeliverable for any reason and subsequently returned to Studio7Fashion, we will not reship and at our discretion will issue a store credit less shipping and standard restock fee in accordance with our refund policy. All orders will ship between 7-10 business days and utilize the United States Postal Service (USPS) with tracking. Business days are Monday-Friday.

  • All items are typically shipped in the same package. You will receive a notice via email with the tracking number. To track your package, please go to and enter your tracking number. Please note: Studio7Fashion LLC is not responsible for packages once in the possession of the United States Postal Service. If your package is stolen/lost/delayed, delivered to a wrong address by your mail carrier, or damaged by USPS we unfortunately cannot replace or refund the items. All lost packages are the responsibility of USPS. Please contact your local post office to resolve any shipment issues.
  • Out of Stock

  • In the event an item is out of stock when you order, we will issue a credit for the amount of said piece value. In the event there is a piece missing in your order, we will issue a credit.
  • Conduct on Social Media/Offline

  • You may not represent yourself as an officer, owner, co-owner, or employee of Studio7Fashion either online or offline. You may not use the Studio7Fashion name as a standalone in any group or business page name. It must be preceded by a name or another word. Example: "Studio7Fashion by Susie." You are not permitted to use Studio7Fashion's logo as a standalone image on any profile, business page, etc.
  • Trademark

  • At no time may any person utilize the Studio7Fashion name OR trademark or any likeness of such to create and or sell merchandise. Studio7Fashion is legally trademarked with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Additional Information

  • Additional information is located on our FAQ's page. If you have questions not answered here or in the FAQ's page, please use our customer service link and we will be happy to help.
  • Please note: A consultant may not purchase from their own retail website or from another consultants retail website. A consultant may not use another consultants retail discount codes. If a consultant purchases from the retail website at any time, it is at our discretion whether or not the order will be fulfilled, however, the RPV commission for that order will be forfeited.
  • Studio7Fashion LLC reserves the right to change/adjust terms and policies. All Sales FINAL.

    At no time is an individual permitted to copy the Studio7Fashion website design.