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Freedom in your own business!

  • We offer quality fashionable merchandise at deep wholesale prices and you sell at a profit.
  • Most of the items in our lines easily sell for $5+, but you are free to sell at any price you desire. Markets all over the USA differ, in some areas the jewelry will sell for more, in other areas a little less. You have the freedom to set your own profit.
  • Sell alongside other jewelry or competitive products. As an independent consultant you have the freedom to control your own business and your own destiny. We do not restrict you from selling other items with ours, unlike many direct sales companies who prohibit you with all their strict rules.
  • Do you set up at events or shows? We permit more than one Studio7Fashion consultant in shows. We do not control how you choose to run your business!
    This is YOUR business! That is what freedom is, giving you the power to control and succeed in your OWN business.

    Consultants join for FREE!

    We don't charge you to do business with us, like other companies. Joining Studio7Fashion is FREE!

    Other direct sales companies charge as much as $100 (sometimes more) to join their company. At Studio7Fashion we want to help you become successful, our business model is to not make money off consultant fees, rather we want you to spend the money on real product to sell and keep all of your profits!

    All of our jewelry easily sells for 60%+ more than what you originally pay! There is plenty of room for profit and success!

    Starting is EASY!

    • To start, you will sign-up for the consultant program.
    • Add items to your shopping bag.
    • Place your order, and when it arrives, start selling!
    • Set up a home party, invite your friends and sell!
    • Set up a facebook online party, invite customers and sell!
    • Set up at local markets, shows, events and sell!

    Get Started Today!

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    Join as a consultant and order one of our assortment deals to get started!

    Have Questions? Need Help?

    Our convenient customer service link is there for you, anytime you have a question, need help or looking for ways to improve your business. Simply contact us directly through the customer service link found on the top of every page. Also Check our FAQ's, the answer could be there. Remember, we are here to help you in your business!