Studio7Fashion Mentor Program

We help build your network by placing active consultants under you!

At Studio7Fashion, our mission is to empower you to build a successful independent business that allows you to achieve self sufficiency. We offer multiple strategies to foster growth, encourage you to thrive in a positive business environment and to help you reach your goals of success.

First and foremost, we do not restrict our consultants from selling other brands. We think it is counterproductive to YOUR success if we force your loyalty. We believe in the American dream of free enterprise and to be a true independent business woman, you should be able to buy and sell without being told you can't sell this or that. So, if you are selling for another company and want to add in our line, we're okay with that because above all else, we want you to succeed.

Part of your success comes from building a downline that shares your ideals and dreams of being a successful independent business person. We know that sometimes it's not easy getting people to join in your vision, that is why we started the mentor program. We believe success comes from helping each other-- There is great wisdom in this saying: Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor, if either of them falls down, one can help the other up...also if two lie down together they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, but a three-strand cord (a braided cord) is not easily broken. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)

We would like to "braid" together people who have a mindset towards success. There is strength in numbers, are you ready to strengthen your business?


New consultants that do not have a sponsor/upline are in a pool to be assigned a mentor. Consultants we assign under you are referred to as proteges. We reserve the right to drop, reassign, delete or suspend proteges at our discretion and based on their activity. A nonperforming protege may be reassigned or suspended for inactivity. We will not reassign an active protege, as long as the protege is active, they will remain in your network.

Activity by your protege prior to their assignment date under you is not calculated towards future commissions. In other words, if your protege was assigned to you on Nov. 10, any of their sales prior to Nov 10 will not count towards your next commission, however all activity from Nov 10 and forward is credited towards your next commission.

The goal of the mentor program is to help new consultants build their network. In some instances, a protege might choose to not build a network, and that is acceptable.

A protege must maintain at least one active direct signup consultant for 2 out of 3 months, or they will be dropped from the mentor program, from their mentor and placed back in the consultant pool. If a protege does not reach and maintain Topaz level within 6 months, they are dropped. If after the 6 month period, a protege falls below Topaz, they will be dropped from their mentor.

Protege rank rewards

Once your protege reaches Emerald level (the first time) you receive a $25 bonus(paid via store credit). When your protege reaches Ruby (the first time) you receive a $50 bonus(paid via store credit).

Once a protege reaches Sapphire, they will break off from their mentor and become an independent network. The mentor will receive a $100 credit bonus in the month the protege becomes Sapphire. When a protege reaches Sapphire and breaks off of the team, the mentor will receive a $25 per month residual income for as long as the protege remains Sapphire. The mentor must remain active and at least Emerald to receive this $25.

If a breakaway causes the mentor to drop below any Crown Level, they will continue to receive their previous Crown commission percentage rate for the next 90 days to allow them an opportunity to re-qualify for the Crown level.

On average, an active protege will remain with the mentor for about 6 months, in that time the average compensation a mentor may receive (commissions, rank bonuses and breakaway bonus) could reach up to $1000.

We Build You

Once you are approved, we start you off with 2 active consultants on your first tier, then each month based on your activity and the activities of your proteges, we may add an additional protege to your team. As soon as you are notified of your new consultants, we encourage you to contact them via email and introduce yourself as their upline and mentor. Let them know you are available to help them and you are committed to their success. In your initial email, suggest some of the mentor strategies below. Ask if you can friend them on Facebook and invite them to join the official Studio7Fashion Consultant Facebook Group.

Please note, we limit the number of proteges assigned to a team to a max of 4 per month. This means that no more than 4 new proteges will be assigned to the first, second or third tier of any consultant. So, if a 1st tier in your team receives 2 new proteges and then a different 1st tier were to receive one and one of your 2nd tier or 3rd tier receives one protege, then your team has reached a max of four for the month, no other proteges will be assigned that month, even if a consultant is eligible. The team max is four. Any requests or eligibility for additional proteges will be queued to the next month. Assignments are made on a first qualified, first served basis.

Mentor Strategies

A mentor is simply one who teaches others from their experiences. As a business mentor, you share with others the things you do to build. Here are strategies that work:

  • Facebook and Instagram posts showcasing you wearing Studio7Fashion jewelry
  • Post your retail website link on your social media
  • Home party Ideas see this page: Home Party Ideas
  • Online Home Party see this page: You can host a Facebook live or event.
  • Share your business card
  • Put your retail website link at the bottom of every email you send
  • Mentors should send an introductory email, modify to your taste, the idea is to introduce yourself and establish a relationship with your new downline. An example: Hi First name, My name is xxx and I am your Studio7Fashion upline mentor. I would like to invite you to friend me on Facebook so we can work closer together to build your business. Next week, I plan on doing an online home party and would like to invite you to see how it is done. The advantage of an online home party is that you do not have to have inventory, because we will encourage participants to buy direct from your Studio7Fashion retail website. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need help in your biz, please email or message me. Have a great day, xxx

    Being a mentor is a privilege and a very serious undertaking. You are making a commitment to help others under you build and maintain their business. You are committing to nurture and teach. You may have to reveal some of your secrets in business or to sacrifice your time to show someone how to sell, how to acquire customers, how to set up a profitable home party. As a mentor, it is your responsibility to take your proteges under your wing to encourage and build them. Please do not apply for mentor unless you are prepared to make the commitment. Stay in touch with your proteges. Set aside a day each week where you make yourself available whether by phone, email or Facebook to communicate with your proteges. Set up a weekly meeting to discuss business with your downline. Email all your downline and invite them to join you on a live Facebook or zoom. It is important that you answer and resolve any issues your downline may have. If you are not sure of an answer, please contact us for help. If a protege becomes inactive for 2 consecutive months, they will be dropped from your downline. Remember, the mentor program is a benefit and a privilege designed specifically to assist you in building a strong team. Studio7Fashion reserves the right to dropped, reassign, limit or suspend any protege we assign under you for any reason. We also reserve the right to dropped, suspend or limit any mentor who does not act in good faith in the execution of their duties as a mentor.

    How to Become a Mentor

    If you are interested in becoming a mentor, simply send us an email with the subject, Mentor. We will notify you within a few days of your status. It is important that if you are chosen as a mentor, that you are actively building and that you are able to share your experiences for others to follow. Remember, a mentor is a very important role in establishing a strong business. You must have a current W-9 on file with us, and confirm acceptance e-mail we send to you. A mentor must have a minimum of 100 WPV, Once you reach 100 WPV you may request to become a mentor. If approved, we will assign 2 proteges to you, they will both be placed on your 1st tier. To maintain mentor status, you will have 60 days from your first protege assignment to reach topaz. Note the requirement for topaz is that you have 100 WPV and 100 GPV. If you do not reach topaz within the 60 days, the proteges will be dropped from your downline and placed back into the consultant pool. You will not be able to apply for Mentor status again for 60 days. Please do not apply for mentor unless you are prepared to make the commitment. Additionally, if you fail to maintain Topaz twice in any 3 month period, you will be dropped from the mentor program and all your proteges will be permanently reassigned. You may re-apply as a mentor after 60 days. However, none of your previous proteges will be placed under you.

    Can I be a mentor if I am already a protege?

    If you are a protege (that is, you have been assigned under someone else), then you may request to be a Mentor.

    Mentor Responsibilities

    Bear in mind that as a mentor you have certain responsibilities and requirements to maintain your status as a mentor. These responsibilities include but are not limited to:
    • Stay in touch with all proteges. Friend them on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
    • Continue to encourage your proteges and help them sell. Give them your ideas and processes that have been successful for you. Remember you are building them up which builds your network stronger. As your proteges progress, you will receive more proteges.
    • Mentors must maintain a minimum rank of Topaz to continue as a mentor. Falling below Topaz may result in loss of ALL proteges.
    • Answer your proteges quickly, if you do not know an answer, please let us know so we can help.

    Studio7Fashion reserves the right to drop proteges at our discretion if we note you are not actively mentoring your proteges. Mentors must have a minimum 100 WPV to qualify and to maintain their status as a Mentor, if they drop below 100 in one month, they are on notice, if they fail to meet the 100 min 2 consecutive months, their proteges will be dropped and possibly placed with another consultant.

    Any WPV that the Protege has in the current month in which they are placed under you will not count towards your GPV for that month.

    Studio7Fashion LLC reserves the right to drop a consultant that is not being served by their mentor. Studio7Fashion LLC reserves the right to change/adjust terms and policies.