Studio 7 Fashion Comp Plan

    We believe a comp plan should be easy to understand and designed to reward our consultants quickly! Studio7Fashion offers multiple opportunities to earn extra cash in your own business. To view our compensation rank chart click the Comp Rank Chart link. For definitions and explanations of terms, please review the information below.


    We have 9 ranks (also called levels) of consultants. There are no requirements to become a consultant, simply fill out our easy registration form, Join Studio7Fashion. Everyone starts as a consultant. As you sponsor (sign up) new consultants under you and sell our quality fashion jewelry, you will move up the ranks. Our ranks are Topaz, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, Silver Crown Diamond, Gold Crown Diamond and Platinum Crown Diamond.

    Diamond Ranks

    Studio7Fashion top ranks are Diamond, Silver Crown Diamond, Gold Crown Diamond and Platinum Crown Diamond. To qualify for these ranks, your Group Purchase Volume (GPV) must come from at least 3 (or 4) legs. A leg is defined as a single downline's network under you. So, for example lets say you sponsored Mary, Katy and Bill. Everyone under each of them is a separate leg. So let's say Mary's first and second tier produce a total of 2000, Bill's 1st and 2nd tier produce 1800 and Katy's 1st and 2nd tier produce 1700. You would qualify for Diamond. However, if Mary produced 2500 and Bill produced 1800 and Katy produced 1000, you would not qualify for diamond because, although your GPV exceeds the 5000 minimum requirement, it does not meet the minimum leg requirement. Each minimum leg requirement for diamond is 1667.

    The Crown Diamond levels have a similar leg requirement in that the minimum GPV must be split between four legs. So for silver, each leg must produce at least 2500. For Gold, 5000 each and for Platinum, 7500 each.

    How to Qualify

    We use up to five different qualifiers to determine your rank. You must meet the minimum of all required qualifiers by the last day of the month in order to achieve that rank. The month in which you are working to qualify is called your qualifying month.

    For example, If you meet all the requirements in your qualifying month for Topaz, then you are awarded Topaz from the first to the last day of the following month. You will receive all commissions, bonuses and rewards around the 20th of that month (Note this date may change at our discretion). If during that month you do not meet the qualifications for Topaz, you will revert to the lower qualifying rank (Consultant). This is known as Falling Back. On the other hand, if you excel in this month, it is possible to skip a rank. As Topaz, you could reach Ruby if you met the qualifications, thereby skipping Emerald. This is known as Skipping. Each month is an opportunity to attain higher ranks.


    WPV - Wholesale Purchase Volume - WPV is your purchases from the wholesale consultants website. In order to receive any commission you must remain an active Studio7Fashion consultant. An active consultant is one who is making regular purchases. A consultant that does not meet this requirement will go inactive and you will lose all your downline and any future retail commissions. All ranks will still have a minimum WPV, please refer to the rank chart for the amount required.

    GPV - Group Purchase Volume - GPV is the WPV of each tier in your downline. There are three tiers in your downline, tier 1 are consultants you personally sponsored, tier 2 are consultants sponsored by your tier 1 and tier 3 are consultants sponsored by your tier 2. When calculating GPV as a qualifier, add up all the WPV for your tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3. Check the rank chart for the minimum requirement of each rank.

    Tier 1 Minimum - The number in the Tier 1 row on the rank chart is the minimum number of tier 1 consultants required for each rank. For example, to achieve Topaz you must have at least 1 active consultant.

    Group Requirements - You must have at least the number of ranked consultants shown in the Group row on the rank chart. For example, to attain Sapphire, you must have at least one topaz in your group (group is defined as tiers 1 through 3). For Diamond rank, you must have at least one topaz and at least three Emerald in your group. In order to achieve the higher ranks and receive greater commissions, you will need to help your downline grow, too. For long-term success, it is important to nurture and train your consultants to also reach for the higher ranks. Remember, their success is your success.


    There is no minimum purchase when ordering. However, in order to remain active you must be actively purchasing.

    *Please Note* In order to receive your WPV and GPV commission you must have $100 in WPV accumulated for the month. All consultants must only purchase from the Consultant Wholesale Website

    RPV - RPV is calculated by adding together all retail sales from your personal Studio7Fashion retail website (less shipping, discounts, gift cards and credits). To calculate your RPV commission, multiply your RPV by the percentage for your rank in the RPV table on the rank chart (between 50% and 55%). Only active consultants are eligible to receive an RPV commission. An active consultant is one who is making regular purchases. Active consultants will receive their RPV commission via their chosen payment method. (If the commission amount is $20+) If the commission amount is under $20 a store credit is issued.

    Please note: A consultant may not purchase from their own retail website or from another consultants retail website. A consultant may not use another consultants retail discount codes. If a consultant purchases from the retail website at any time, it is at our discretion whether or not the order will be fulfilled, however, the RPV commission for that order will be forfeited.

    GPV - For the purpose of commissions, each tier in your group is added separately. So, for your tier 1 GPV, add together all the WPV of each of your tier 1 consultants and multiply by the percentage in the Tier 1 GPV row for your rank. The same method is used for tier 2 and tier 3 GPV commission.

    Please note: Unranked consultants are ineligible to receive GPV commissions. You must be ranked Topaz or higher to receive a GPV commission. GPV commission is paid on your regularly scheduled payday.

    WPV - WPV commissions are based on rank and on amount spent. The WPV is calculated by adding together all your purchases from the wholesale consultants website (less shipping, credits and discounts). To determine your percentage, find the total WPV column that is within the range of your total purchases and locate the percentage in that row's column for your rank. All active consultants are eligible for WPV commissions. Commission will not be paid on any credit, bonus or discount code.

    If a consultant orders from retail they will not receive a cash commission. A credit to the wholesale website will be given minus a 15% surcharge.


    Currently, all consultants are paid by the 20th of the following month (Note this date may change at our discretion.) All payments are made via PayPal, CashApp or Store credit. Consultants must provide a valid PayPal email address or CashApp username upon registration. Payments rejected by PayPal for insufficient email or CashApp for incorrect information will instead be issued a credit. Paypal may charge a fee (up to 3%) for receiving payment, this fee is from PayPal and not Studio7Fashion. We do not refund fees collected by PayPal and we do not charge you a fee for your commission. If you do not have a payment method set then your commission will be issued via a store credit.

    Any commission that is less than $20 will be paid via a store credit to be used on the wholesale site to purchase inventory / merchandise. No commission will rollover or carryover to future months. If you have a question or concern about your commission amount, you must let us know prior to the end of the month in which you received the commission. If you do not have any payment method entered in your back-office at the time commission is run, commission will be paid via a store credit. Commission will not be paid on any credit, bonus or discount code.

    Bonus Awards

    Please note: Awards must be claimed BEFORE the end of the month in which they are awarded.

    Bonuses are paid when you reach certain ranks. You may be eligible to receive a cash bonus, official Studio7Fashion business cards, a business kit full of merchandise and/or $5 gift cards for your customers. Unless otherwise noted, bonuses are awarded one time only when you first attain a rank. If you fall back (achieve a rank and then in a subsequent month revert to a lower rank), you are not eligible to receive any bonus (although you will still receive your eligible commissions). If you skip a rank because you met the qualifiers for a higher rank, you are only eligible for the higher bonuses and the skipped bonuses are not awarded. If you skip and then fall back to a rank you skipped, you are ineligible to receive the bonus. if you achieve a rank that you had already reached in the past, you are not eligible to receive the bonus again.

    Cash Everyone likes extra cash! When you reach Ruby, we'll reward you with an extra $50 in your commission pay. Each rank from Ruby and above receives a first-time cash bonus up to $5000. Cash bonuses are paid with your regular commissions.

    Business Cards Increase your professionalism and profits with official Studio7Fashion business cards. Once you reach Emerald, you will receive 500 business cards that include your name and your retail website with a special 10% off code. Hand out these cards at events, shows, home parties, networking events and even at casual places like grocery stores, starbucks and bulletin boards. Let everyone know about your small business.

    Business cards are awarded only once for ranks Emerald through Diamond. The Silver Crown Diamond awards 500 special business cards with a silver crown emblem, Gold Crown Diamond awards 500 specially embossed Gold Crown business cards and Platinum Crown Diamond awards 1000 cards with a specially embossed Crown and Diamond with the title Platinum Crown Diamond Consultant.

    Business Kits At Studio7Fashion, we believe in rewarding your hard work, so Topaz through Diamond have an extra opportunity for profit with our best consultant award - a business kit filled with select top merchandise with an Approximate Retail Value (ARV) up to $300!

    Topaz receives our Top 10 sellers kit (ARV $65.00) which includes ten of our current best sellers. Emerald and Ruby will each receive our 25 piece kit (ARV $150) which includes twenty-five of our fast favorite sellers. Sapphire and Diamond each get the massive 50 piece business kit (ARV $300) loaded with 50 best, hot sellers. Business kits are also available for sale through the wholesale website.

    Gift Cards A unique, powerful and proven method to drive sales to your retail website - Free Gift Cards! Each card has a value of $5. Use as giveaways at your home parties or on Facebook. Hold a contest online and give away as a prize. Use as a thank you for a current customer when they buy from your booth at a show or event. Your customer gets $5 off their retail website order. The cards are specially coded with your consultant id# so you get credit for the sale and receive your commission even if the customer doesn't use your personal retail link.

    The Studio7Fashion Gift cards are a perfect icebreaker because everyone loves free money! The average retail customer spends $27 on the Studio7Fashion retail websites; so, you could receive up to $11 commission for each card you hand out. Once you reach Topaz, you receive five $5 gift cards. Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire each receive ten $5 gift cards, while Diamond receives fifteen $5 cards. Silver, Gold and Platinum Crown each are awarded twenty $5 gift cards.


    Retail gift cards are available to consultants for $0.50 on the wholesale website. These gift cards are worth $5 off any purchase made through the consultants retail website. When your customer redeems the gift card, they get $5 off their total. There is a minimum purchase required of $10. The consultant will receive the same 50% commission as a regular sale, minus the shipping and the gift card amount. For example, a customer's purchase totals $35. After the shipping charge (4.85) and the gift card amount (5.00) the net RPV is 25.15, the consultant receives 12.58 (50%) on their next commission pay date.

    Consultants are not permitted to redeem the cards by making a purchase through their own link or any other consultants link. As per our terms, consultants are not permitted to purchase through any retail link. If a consultant purchases through the retail site, they will forfeit the commission. Consultants are NOT permitted to sell any retail gift cards as these cards will have a code unique to you for commission purposes.

    The retail gift card code will only work on the retail sites. They do not work on the wholesale sites. The retail gift card has no cash value and may not be redeemed for anything other than as described in these terms.

    The gift cards do not have an expiration date, however, Studio7Fashion reserves the right to cancel one or all gift cards at any time without notice and at the discretion of Studio7Fashion.

    The alphanumeric code on the gift cards are encoded with the originating consultants id#, this id number begins at the third digit of the card code directly after the first two letters. (ex. WGxxx03P435 the "xxx" is the consultants id#) It is the consultants responsibility to make sure their id# is present. If you give out cards for other consultants in your network only that consultant whose id# is in the code will receive the commission. Do not attempt to alter or change the code, each code is unique and will only work as written on the card.

    The retail gift cards are a physical card. Consultants may give the card to their customers. For example, at events, shows, flea markets or other venues where they are a vendor or they may hand them to customers at their home parties. The physical card is not required for redemption, only the code on the card is necessary to redeem. Consultants may also email the code to customers if they wish. The code is a one time use only code.

    The gift card may also be used as a promotional tool with your customers, for example!e you could host a home party and give the cards out as prizes, or as a follow up when your guests leave. Cards may also be given away through email or Facebook promotions. Your customer does not need the physical card to redeem and they are not required to send the card to us to redeem, they only need to enter the code on the retail site at checkout.

    To redeem the card a customer will go to the retail site (link) They do NOT need to go to YOUR retail site, as the code on the card has YOUR consultant id# as part of the code and Studio7Fashion will credit the sale to the consultant whose id# is in the code.

    Studio7Fashion LLC reserves the right to change/adjust terms and policies. ALL sales are FINAL. Studio7Fashion LLC reserves the right to remove anyone as a consultant if we feel they are attempting to impede or interfere with the integrity of the system.