Studio7Fashion Hostess Rewards Program

    Studio7Fashion hostess rewards program runs for one week. The consultant will select a Hostess (a non-consultant) to host a Studio7Fashion party. The party can be online or live at the hostess's home. The next step is to choose the date. Once you have selected the date and the hostess, notify us that you are doing a hostess party. (You may only host 1 party at a time.)

    Customer Promotions

    • 10% off coupon - No minimum purchase
    • Free Hello Kitty watch with minimum $25 purchase (We choose)
    • Any two free watches with minimum $50 purchase (The customer must enter the watch SKU in the comment section when checking out.)
    • Buy one Get one FREE (Limit one per SKU) If you order two or more of the same SKU you will only get one free, if you order two different SKUs you will receive two free pieces, one of each SKU. If the item goes out of stock, then a $5 credit is issued in place of the free item)
    • Everything on site is $4.97
    • Spend $100 receive a mystery grab bag.

    The customer promos should be released on different days; use your social media to promote each new promo. For example, if your Hostess week runs from Sunday to Saturday use this as a guide. You may choose how you want to run the promos, but you must notify us of the schedule so we can set up the site appropriately.
    Sunday - 10% off coupon
    Monday - Spend $100 receive a mystery grab bag
    Tuesday and Wednesday - Free Hello Kitty Watch
    Thursday and Friday - Buy one get one free
    Saturday - Last day - Everything is $4.97!

    The $4.97 promotion will run for 2 hours ONLY. We will choose the 2 hour window and day that this will occur.

    It is best to not reveal the promos in advance, but announce them on the day and throughout the day, also announce when each promo is about to end. (For example, "10% off ends in two hours, get in now!" Post multiple times throughout the day to inspire activity)

    Hostess Rewards

    The hostess will receive the following rewards and paid directly by Studio7Fashion. These rewards are for the entire promo period, not given daily.

    $1 shopping credit to the retail website for each piece sold
    $1 CASH paid via PayPal or cashapp for each order placed
    Total sales overall for the promo period
    These rewards are in addition to the above rewards.
    $100 - Hostess receives 2 free pieces (their choice)
    $250 - Hostess receives $20 Studio7Fashion Gift Card (wholesale site)
    $500 - Hostess receives $50 Studio7Fashion Gift Card (wholesale site)
    $1000 or more - Hostess receives $100 Studio7Fashion gift card plus a $25 giftcard from Amazon or Starbucks (Hostess' choice).

    Consultant Compensation

    The consultant who set up the hostess party will receive a 45% commission on the retail sales during the promo period. The ideal hostess should have a strong social media presence.

    While we recommend doing a one week hostess party, you may choose to do it longer or shorter, please let us know the time frame before you schedule a Hostess party.

    We reserve the right to approve or deny any hostess party at our discretion.

    If you would like to customize your hostess party, please let us know using our contact form.
    We have graphics to promote your hostess party, see below. To copy to your computer, right click and select save. To save on a phone, hold down on the image and tap save image.

    Studio7Fashion LLC reserves the right to change/adjust terms and policies at any time without notice. Consultants may not purchase from a Hostess party.

    If it is brought to our attention that a Hostess does not make an effort to promote the party or interact, rewards will NOT be given.